I wonder...

So, for all my fellow Dragon Age addicts, I thought I'd ask here before I asked a wider audience:

Do you think there would be enough interest to put together a post-Orlesian war RPG here on livejournal?  I think it would work best constrained to three-four locations: Denerim, Redcliffe, Gwaren, with possibly the Tower or Highever being the first expansions.  I will admit I've never run a journal based game, but I've played on MUSHes and PBEM and message board based games.  One of the weaknesses of these mediums seem to be, to me, not enough things happening - if the players aren't doing things, things don't seem to happen.  i think the solution would be to have more active GMs/Storytellers, probably one for each location, with them encouraged to only have characters in the other locations.  So I suppose I'm also asking if other people would be interested in helping, too.

There are other rules I can think of: each player would only be allowed one canon character, to spread them out.  Figuring out acceptable idle times before characters get put on the bus.

Whaddaya think?
Howe sniff

Ficathon musings

So, I signed up for the Dragon Age Minor Key ficathon - stories about the Non-Main characters.  And now I'm trying to decide who to write about.  Let's consider what else I've written that would qualify, potentially:

Politics - Teagan and Isolde, basically about Isolde keeping Teagan from having an heir until he couldn't take the Arling away from her theoretical offspring.
Set Dressing - Jowan meets Lily.

Duty (AKA Eamon is a Dick)  - Eamon tells Alistair why he can't marry fem!Surana.
(Some might consider Loghain a minor character, even if he's a companion, but I disagree)

So... I can picture in my mind another Teagan and Isolde piece that might be considered even grimmer than Politics.
I could write a pre-game piece.  You don't get more minor than not in the game, I suppose.
If I focus write, I could make the suggested Variations on Alistair's Fostering more about the minor characters and less about him.
I've always wanted something to explain Howe's loyalty to Loghain as something more than buying him off.  I could give up and try to write it.


Writer's Block: Let me entertain you

Who is your personal choice for greatest singer of all time, and why?

Normally I don't do these, but I had to answer my obvious answer: Freddie Mercury! :)

I'm not sure if I've really shared it here, but I'm a huge Queen fan, which I came about by an odd route.  Like a lot of people my age, while I was exposed to Queen, I didn't know who they were until the whole Wayne's World thing... but when I was really little, Flash Gordon was on HBO for who knows how many hours in a short time - it was when HBO was relatively new and didn't really get that many movies at a time.  Anyway, I ran around the house singing the theme music at the top of my lungs.

And then ten years later or so, a Queen fan was born.  I have everything, I have most of their lyrics memorized and can sing a long horribly, even some of the solo stuff.

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So, now that Lucas is away at school, obviously his Star Wars D6 game is on hold - we're probably going to play at Christmas (does that make it a Holiday Special?).  Anyway, in the meantime, someone else is going to run a Star Trek game.  There's also a good chance that a couple of us will run one or two weeks here and there, given the episodic feel of Trek.

I'm playing a Cardassian cultural expert who has been loaned to Starfleet because our ship is one going around to former colonies in the warzone... including Cardassian ones, since they aren't exactly in a state to take care of their own.  Oh, just post Dominion War, I should have said.  My character was a hidden member of the anti-Dominion faction while being a scientist in the military (Fourth Order, I think).

I know a good bit about Star Wars, but here, here I can really geek out. :)

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This weekend's bad luck:
We got out to dinner on Saturday night, and when returning home, a raccoon darts out on a darkened street and Lucas can't dodge.  He feels pretty awful about it, and that's that.  Except it wasn't, because said raccoon apparently bounced around such that the power steering hose was pushed onto a screw on the inside of the bumper, which we learned when trying to turn into our neighborhood.  We managed to go into the next entrance up.

Good news: Towing was free with AAA. :)  Got a ride into work courtesy of kitaratuma's car and leggy1979 .  Hopefully my car will be ready by the end of the day so I don't have to beg anyone else.

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So, today feels normal.  I've gone to work, normally, etc.  Except today is the first day that Lucas (Mr. Femalegamer? Malegamer, then, I guess?) is off to pursue a law degree.  He's going to school 3+ hours away, because that's pretty the only choices.  He'll be living in an apartment there Monday-Friday, coming home Friday nights and leaving Sunday evening.

This is going to suck, and I dearly hope that it's worth it.

I'm someone who likes stability.  I just celebrated ten years at my job last July - my first job after college.  I love to have schedules and I hate being late to things.  I want to know when we go on vacation what museums we're going to and which shows and try to have it all figured out.  I think some people would be surprised about that, given things like my house looking like it regularly gets tornadoes, or watched me panic when I run out of time.

I didn't say I was always good at said scheduling, just that I try to do it.  Right now I'm working on my banner that I need for Labor Day weekend.  I've been trying to get it started for some time, but other things keep interfering with my carefully worked out schedule.  I think I'll still get it done, but there were other projects I wanted to do before then that will either not happen, or I'll be getting help.  (<lj user=sorchekyrkbey> is helping me with a new dress for my knighting there.)

Anyway, I feel a little bad.  Because I miss him so much, and I want to be an example of a strong, independent woman, not someone who falls apart because she won't see her husband for four days.

Happy Monday.

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Well, blast it.  I had a relatively obscure point of history wrong in my story and now I have to decide whether to rewrite, thus giving away that something is important, or retcon canon on this minor point.

more dice

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Finally time for some GenCon After Action Review. :)

I pretty much enjoyed all of my games, to a greater or lesser degree.  We played in a QAGS (Quick Ass Game System) slot where we played sixties spies with super powers, a post French Revolution Cthuthlu LARP, a couple of slots of Arcanis and the NASCRAG tournament.

I was a little disappointed in the Arcanis, which makes me sad.  One of the mods reminded me greatly of one we had previously played, except that I enjoyed the other module much more.  Moue.

NASCRAG is a tournament style D&D game (3.5 at the moment), with a focus on puzzles, roleplaying and general silliness.  The first round was at least one hundred tables, down to twenty for round two and ten for round three. My team (SugarCaffeineCereal!!!  This somehow morphed to SuperCaffeinatedCereal.) made it to round two by the skin of our teeth - we were Alternate Team One, and at least one team didn't show up and a few others were missing people and got mushed together.  For our second round, our judge was the coordinator, and he was an awesome GM, one of the best I've had.  We were on much more solid ground getting into round three, but failed to place in the top five at the end.  Still,  not bad for a team with four people who hadn't played NASCRAG before.  Oh, we also one a prize for best team name, and I got a prize for best player of one of the characters.  (A Gypsy Sorceress with some vision problems.)

I didn't enjoy this Cthuthlu LARP as much as I did the one I was in last year, in part because we had something like twice as many players.  I also felt like we were much less likely to "win" at this scenario.

Beating my head against a Wrath Seven Deadly Sins story for Loghain.  I know what I want to happen.  He's just staring at me in the back of my head going "You want me to get to a screaming anger over this?  I mean, yes, angry, but WRATH?  Eh..." *sigh*
Civil Campaign Chapter Five (and parts of six) are definitely all in my head though, and will hopefully come out to play soon.  I just want to get the Wrath story done first.
Alistair: Patience.  I have some ideas, but nothing concrete yet.

And, finally, today is my tenth anniversary.  Oh time, how you fly. :)  Yes, I'm pretty darn happy with  my fellow geek of a husband, even if he's going to run off to Law School soon.  *more sigh*

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Off to GenCon today, so I'll be sporadically on the 'net, if at all.  One way or another, I can check for messages on my phone, but replying on here seems to be a pain in the butt.

I _am_ still planning out my various stories (A Civil Campaign chapters five and six are percolating), so once I get back it shouldn't take too long to make them reality. :)

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So, in a way tonight is the start of our vacation - tonight is going to be Movie Night + shop for books for the trip night.  Not just because we may end up sitting around reading and relaxing somewhere, but because I read out loud while Lucas drives.  "Books on Carrie!  More funny voices, easier to pause when traffic gets ugly AND if you miss something, she can explain what happened!"  We're about two thirds of the way through Magic Bleeds, the latest Kate Daniels (which I recommend).

I have to work tomorrow, but that's it.  We're hitting a renn faire Saturday and possibly Sunday depending on how much we see, and then Chicago, with Blue Man Group tickets and a branch of my favoritest restaurant in Las Vegas, Mon Ami Gabi.  We'll probably go to the Wolf Park, then hit home long enough to dump our suitcases and snuggle the cats, and then on to Indianapolis for GenCon.  Happy tenth anniversary to us. :)

For our original honeymoon, we went to Mackinac Island, and then to the Michigan Renn Faire in Holly, MI.  We decided that we didn't want to do that much driving.  I'm not sure how well that plan worked out, but that's how it evolved.  It's 6.5 hours from home to Mackinac.  (For those who don't know, Mackinac Island is in between the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan, and can only be reached by ferry (or plane).  The only motorized vehicles on the island are emergency vehicles.  Everything else is done with horses and bikes.  They have the best fudge in the world there, made old style on marble slabs.)

Still stalled on A Civil Campaign chapter four, but I have an idea for a different Loghain story (what can I say - it goes in streaks) that I'll post since I'm not involved in my own Seven Deadly Sins of Loghain prompt.  Ooops.  This story has the potential to showcase the whole list. :)